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Setting up a Weekly or Flexi schedule

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2013 02:59PM EST
Difference between a Weekly schedule and a Flexi schedule
There are two types of schedules that you can create on the TCMS software. A weekly schedule is a strict schedule that your employees would always have to follow. A flexi schedule is a flexible schedule that would allow your employees to clock in/out at any time throughout the day and the punches would always show on the software. To locate where you would setup the schedules, you will need to click on System Settings > Clocking Schedule > Edit.

On a Weekly schedule, if you assign the time an employee is supposed to clock in/out, the employee will have to clock In/Out at that set time. For example, if you set the IN punch for 9 AM on a weekly schedule, the employees on that schedule will have to clock in by 9 AM. If the employee clocks in late, the punch will not show once the data is downloaded unless you make manual changes to make the punch show. The reason for this is because it is a strict schedule that your employees have to follow, so if an employee clocks in late, you will know right away because the punch does not show even though the employee clocked in. A weekly schedule also does not allow you to set specific rules such as Job Costing if an employee has different jobs that he would work on throughout the day.

On a Flexi schedule, employees are able to clock in/out at any time during the day and it will always show the information on the software. You can also define more flexible rounding rules and break rules for this schedule because employees do not have to clock in/out at the time that is specified on that schedule.

It is usually recommended that you set the schedules as flexi schedules for that reason. It allows your employees to clock in/out at any time, and you will always see the times they have clocked In/Out without having to make any manual changes in the software. You can save time by keeping employees on flexi schedules because of its flexibility to calculate all punches with the specific rules assigned to that schedule.

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